The TykeSkater skating and inline skating learning aid

The TYKESKATER learning aid helps children, adults and people with disabilities to learn skating and inline skating better and faster.

Due to its robustness, quality and large adjustment range, it is the perfect skating learning aid and inline skating learning aid for private and professional use. In winter on Christmas markets, ice rinks, etc. and in summer on skating rinks, streets, etc.

The TykeSkater Ice Skating Learning Aid

Learning aid developed by professional athletes. Tukimet offers you an ice skating aid for children, adults and people with disabilities who want to learn how to skate. For children as well as for adults it is difficult at first to skate with the blades on the ice. Therefore, we know that it is not easy to teach a child or an adult to skate.

With the TykeSkater ice skating aid, it will be easier for you to achieve your goal. You will learn how to skate safely on the ice. Would you like to reach your goal of skating even faster?

The TykeSkater Inline Skater Learning Aid

Inline skating is a fun hobby for the whole family. Accordingly, the TykeSkater is suitable for everyone to skate on! Robustness, as well as a high level of quality with a large adjustment range, is the basic requirement of a perfect inline skater learning aid.

Many of us learn to skate as a child. Skating develops coordination. Furthermore, skating has a positive influence on the body. It improves the blood circulation.

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